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  • John Brindle

Prometheus: Thermoelectric Generators for High-Power Space Applications

EU ECO Technologies is a UK SME which has developed a renewable energy device called Prometheus, which generates energy by using the temperature differential, with a carbon footprint of 5.97 g CO2 eq/kWh. Besides its renewable energy systems, it has been involved in systems engineering, architecture and eco/green materials.

EU ECO Technologies offers a complete green building package that offers the following benefits:

  • Unique eco materials, enable us to offer an average saving of up to 30% on conventional building methods.

  • Unique Materials: Energy efficient concrete blocks offer an impressive high strength building system, with vast insulating properties.

  • Energy Savings: Our "Eco friendly homes" generally consume an average of 80% less energy than conventional buildings. It is possible to reduce this consumption even further.

  • Income: Surplus green energy that our energy pack generates can be sold back to the national grid to offset utility and building costs.

EU ECO Technologies builds homes which do not produce sewage for the main sewer system. The system separates the waste into biological and grey water waste which can converted to methane gas for electricity and high quality organic fertilizer. Grey water can be used for activities such as watering the garden or can be further purified into drinking quality. EU ECO is also involved in providing consultancy in the construction and energy sector and specifically in the areas of:

• Eco Friendly Building

• Custom Design and Construction

• Engineering works

• Household Waste Treatment

EU ECO Technologies offers a range of critical solutions for alternative sources of energy and to reduce environmental impact. It’s main fields of business are home construction, energy saving and renewable energy production, energy conservation and sewage treatment.

EU ECO technologies is the only European company currently operating a commercial thermoelectric generator for power provision and the first to propose the use of the technology for space applications without the use of radioactive/nuclear material. EU ECO technologies has 5 Prometheus TEG units operational in various locations in Europe and is currently planning the manufacture of approximately 50 7kW and 54kW units for customers in Europe and Internationally.

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