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  • John Brindle

Grants from the space industry.

Recent news in terms of developing Prometheus, point to the recent grants within the space industry.

There is a world energy crisis - there is a shortfall of electrical generation

and current energy costs are high to the purchaser. Sustainable options are required by the market which are low cost & reduce our carbon footprint.

Our vision is to bring the Prometheus solution to the market to help and support the market by reducing energy demand and in turn reduce carbon. This can be achieved by utilising existing waste streams, harvesting this energy and converting it into usable electricity.

This is a journey our customers will take when they work with Prometheus EHD, seeing the benefit financially in terms of energy reduction and the associated carbon savings.

To support Prometheus development throughout the UK EU-ECO have awarded AE Power Ltd the UK distribution rights. AE Power are the holding company for the distribution rights and which the distribution network for the UK will be developed.

Arrow Energy will be the design company contracted to carry out the integration of Prometheus into the clients businesses. This company has the technical design background to support the integration across the UK’s various market sectors, together with EU-ECO, associated partners in the University of Patras, Cranfield University, Blackburn College and AE Power, there is a team that is in position to deliver to market an innovative approach to electrical generation.

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