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  • John Brindle

EU-Eco wins funding for innovative space technology project

EU ECO Technologies Ltd and Cranfield University

Project: Prometheus – a novel, low-cost thermoelectric generator for space applications

This project will enable EU ECO Technologies to develop a novel thermoelectric module that can be 3D/ink printed on flexible structures/film or effectively, be a ‘power source on a chip’. The new, film-based thermoelectric module can be integrated on any structure to exploit temperature gradients and generate (harvest) power. The proposed generator can be integrated on existing power architectures, can extend the lifetime of space systems and can reduce significantly mission costs by using 3D/ink printing technology to mass produce thermoelectric modules and therefore reduce mass/volume and mission cost.


Six UK companies have won major funding from the SPRINT 2020 Open Competition for new space technology projects.

Ultima Forma, EU ECO Technologies, URA Thrusters, Rezatec, Smallspark Space Systems and MercariRisk Tech were selected by the national SPRINT business support programme to collaborate with UK universities on innovative space-enabled product development projects.

These include space component manufacturing, thermoelectric generators, water-based propulsion systems, space verification of land-based carbon offset projects, additive manufacturing for rocket fuel, and satellite-enabled digital insurance ecosystems. Each project will receive a share of the £250,000 funding made available.

The £4.8 million SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) programme provides unprecedented access to university space expertise and facilities to help businesses develop new commercial products for space and other key sectors. SPRINT is led by the University of Leicester and includes the University of Edinburgh, The Open University, University of Southampton and University of Surrey.

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