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  • John Brindle

EU-ECO and Students co-create cutting edge project

University Centre at Blackburn College students are helping to create a ground-breaking way of producing cheap electricity with the help of a local entrepreneur – and have attracted the attention of Cranfield University and the UK Space Agency in the process.

Engineering students have been witnessing the work of a local inventor who is developing a revolutionary new thermo electrical generator called Prometheus.

The project is a breakthrough economical way of producing cheap electricity whilst substantially reducing the carbon footprint of its user.

The work with Prometheus has attracted the attention of Cranfield University and the University of Patros, Greece, and received funding from the UK Space Agency.

The partnership between Blackburn College and Cranfield University will see the development of the technology for Aviation and Space Technology.

Blackburn College are also in a partnership with EU ECO Technologies and Cranfield University on a UK Space Agency grant to research how the technology can be used as a power source within low orbit sa


Prometheus is the work of a local inventor called Stavros Kindylides of Eu-Eco Technologies of Accrington who has been working closely with the College and the students to evaluate the design and concept.

Stavros said: “These are exciting times in the development of Prometheus and a great opportunity for the students to experience the potential of careers in engineering as well as work on a ground-breaking project.”

Katrinna MacFarlane, Head of Health, Science and Technology at the University Centre at Blackburn College said:

“The students have been involved in testing the units in terms of integrity and performance but also with the manufacture and welding required for elements of the Prometheus unit.

“To have students involved in a project with Cranfield University, the UK Space Agency and Eu-Eco Technologies is really exciting.

“The fact that students can study in Blackburn, receive a Lancaster University degree but

work with partners on world-leading research and projects is a testament to the desire and commitment of the staff at Blackburn College and local businesses to give local students a world-class learning experience.”

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