Prometheus is designed and manufactured using unique technology for converting a heat source directly into electricity. The module is Bi-Te based thermoelectric module that can work at temperatures up to 330 ˚C (626 ˚F) continuously and up to 400 ˚C (752 ˚F) intermittently.

Prometheus will generate DC electricity as long as there is a temperature difference across the module. More power is generated when the temperature differential becomes larger.

7kW Prometheus TC Module

Dimensions in mm:
L= 1050, W= 650 H= 400

Crisis! What crisis?

Roughly a third of the energy consumed by the world’s manufacturing and transport industries are discharged as thermal loss to the atmosphere or to cooling systems. These losses are a result of process inefficiencies and the inability of the manufacturing plants to utilise the excess energy.

It is estimated that the equivalent of more than 7.8 billion barrels of oil or 130 days of the world’s crude oil supply is lost through inefficiencies or wasted energy.

It is easy to see the potential benefits to the world of Prometheus in terms of producing extremely low cost renewable energy that has less impact on the environment than the current best technology.

A world class solution!

Our Technology the Prometheus system is a non-intrusive installation that converts losses from an existing heat source (or waste energy) to produce electricity.
Thermoelectrical power generation is achieved by combining four unit operations:

  • A TE module

  • A hot side heat exchanger

  • A cold side heat exchanger

  • A power electronic module to provide the desired volt and ampere output

The interdependent design of each of these operations is critical in determining and realising the anticipated Prometheus performance.

Specification of 7kW Prometheus TC Module @30oC Ambient Temp

Custom Solutions for:

  • Glass Furnace in Glass-Making Operations

  • Primary Aluminium Energy Conversion Opportunity

  • Molten Metal Furnaces iron/steel

  • Ethylene Energy Conversion Opportunity

  • Industrial and Commercial Water/Steam Boilers

  • Cement Furnace Cement-Making Operations

Is Prometheus right for you?

If you have a heat differential anywhere from 50C to 900C, then Prometheus could be the system you are looking for, as we can design a system that will meet your energy requirements.

To improve both energy and financial efficiency, the Prometheus subsystem can boost the temperature differential using a closed circuit heated oil system to 200 to 330⁰C to maintain effectiveness.

The high efficiency of this system requires only small amounts of energy to maintain a higher operating temperature, this in turn leads to more consistent energy delivery.

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