EU ECO Technologies is a truly integrated company who looks holistically at construction and the processes from conception to handover and pulls together innovation from around the world dovetailing this with our own innovative eco designs and technological inventions and interventions.

EU ECO Technologies are your perfect partner for creating your low carbon environment.

Eco design

Only Eu-Eco can design and construct low carbon house using many years of experience with the many facets of technical expertise across our team.

Low Energy

Using Prometheus to drive your electricity needs, ensures the lowest possible eco environment coupled with our knowhow of how to assemble the best technologies to suit your needs.

Technical backup

Your Eu-Eco team work with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the quality environment you deserve by providing the technical knowhow to inspire your confidence.

Eu- Eco family

We are here for the long haul developing bonds that will keep you coming back to Eu-Eco for all your building needs safe in the knowledge you will get the best service at the most economical price.

With over 30 year industry experience, managing millions of dollars’ worth of projects around the world, we are able to compete with the best in the trade.

Offering our clients a complete design package: Architecture, Engineering, Surveying and Cost Analysis we provide an exclusive solution which both meets the need of the client in the most economical way. Combining all of these services allows us to offer substantial savings in both time and money. Should we be awarded construction of the project, the price of all these services will be included in the final cost.

We have a proven track record of
quality, speed, cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With EU ECO Technologies we offer the best possible solution for your building solution which will meet and exceed current best practice in construction achieving the closest construction to carbon neutral that is possible.